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An artisan has both the creativity and the skill to make a product.



The Gallia County Artisan Market (GCAM) was established in February 2014 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The Artisan Market was the founding idea to what has evolved into an Artisan Market, Shoppe, Studio, & Gallery.

The founding managers, Valerie G. Thomas and Kelsey Kerr, were set on filling the need to provide a home and support for the incredible local artisans in the area, thus, creating this local, Appalachian "Artisan" brand.

The Gallia County Artisan Market is mainly located in Gallipolis, Ohio but will also occasionally set up in different parts of the county.

Anyone who has a part in creating, making, or growing their high quality products qualifies to set up at the market events.


The Artisan Shoppe opened several months after the Gallia County Artisan Market in December 2014.  The Artisan Shoppe provides a space for local artisans to show and sell their services and wares without having to be there themselves.

We accept all sorts of creations to be part of the shoppe whether it is fine arts (painting, photography, sculpture, music, writing, poetry, performing arts, film, printmaking, conceptual art), or a type of craft (sewing, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, etc.)  As long as you have a physical form of your creation, it can be displayed in The Artisan Shoppe!

The Artisan Studio was added in October 2015.  The studio is open to both practicing artisans and the general public.  Some art supplies, like easels, brushes, canvases and water color paper, will be available to purchase/rent for those who do not have their own supplies.  Anyone with their own supplies can also use the studio when we don't have classes scheduled.  We have a wide variety of art classes that we hold at The Artisan Studio.  All current scheduled classes will be listed under the "Classes" tab.  Opportunities to rent the space for art and music classes or any other events are also available.

The Artisan Gallery is the latest addition to our organization.  The gallery is opening in May 2018 along with our current building space on Third Avenue in Gallipolis.  This gallery features 2D and 3D fine art exhibits by professional, local artists.

The Gallia County Artisan Market, The Artisan Shoppe, The Artisan Studio, & The Artisan Gallery are all part of the Gallia County Artisan Market 501(c)(3) non-profit organization umbrella.  It is our mission to promote and educate arts and culture in our community.  All percentages and funds generated through this organization will be used to further our mission.

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